Mardan is the name of a big city in the North West of Pakistan. It is the headquarters of Mardan district and division. The region has a very rich cultural, heritage and History.

Mardan has an important historical and geographical position. A region communicating Afghanistan and India in the past, it has witnessed a wonderful history. Alexander the Great reached the region through Kunar Afghanistan and Swat in 326 BC.This was followed by Buddhism till the 7th century AD.Towards the end of 7th century; the Afghans arrived in the region. They introduced Islam in the region. Following this Sultan Sabuktagin, Mahmood Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori, Mughals till the time of Aurangzeb and Nadir Shah ruled the region. Then came the Sikhs and finally British Raj till 1947. It looks as if it was very easy to rule this region. But in reality the great people of this region always fought for their independence. They were so brave that they earned the name "MARDAN" for themselves. It means MEN with charisma and courage. Hence the area is called Mardan.      read more